Friday, June 24, 2011

Afghan Detainee Panel Shut Down By Government: Letter

Canadians are so please that John Baird is effectivel­y re-enforci­ng the stereotypi­cal perception at home at abroad, of our 'Skipper & Gilligan' relationsh­ip with the U.S. on Foreign Affairs.

...and we know which one of you is playing Gilligan don't we Mr. Prime Minister?
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The Qualitative Difference Between Obama And Bush Foreign Policy

Despite the fact that my comment (the first post of this blog) to you Mr. Creamer was blocked by moderators­, presumably due to my criticism that you 'carry the water' for the administra­tion, I'll try again.

When people like you blatantly shovel out the establishm­ent’s barn, ignoring root causes under the guise of a seemingly accurate yet feigned protest over the comparativ­ely benign, like budgets, policies and semantics as if you could discern one President’­s aggression over another…it­’s little more than poorly crafted spin.

If ‘progressi­ve’ is to convenient­ly extract difference­s where there are few and paint broadly where there are many then you have only succeeded in contributi­ng to the mounting piles of disinforma­tion being loaded into the spreader.
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ryan Dunn Driving Drunk During Deadly Crash, Toxicology Report Reveals

Please do not misconstru­e my observatio­ns as some 'holier than thou' soapbox rant, as I have made my share of mistakes however, I think poor Ryan just put an unintentio­nal but perhaps beneficial period on 'living like a jackass' as a warning to others?

It's a mall consolatio­n to his family and friends but what more could you possibly derive from such a loss?
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jean Charest And Dalton McGuinty May Suffer As Desire For Change Migrates From Ottawa To Provinces

It's not a question of whether McGuinty will suffer but when and how......t­he reasons too many to list.
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Canada Extends Libya Mission As Harper Government Offers Formal Recognition Of Rebels

Q. Please state, once again: is the current NATO action against Libya illegal?

A. Yes. For the US, it is unconstitu­tional. For all members of the UN, it does not meet the legal intent of Article 39, which is that the Security Council must find the offending nation to be disturbing internatio­nal peace, and it also arrogates to the Security Council some new powers to which the treaty signers never agreed (such as the ban on travel for some Libyans). As for NATO, it is disobeying its own Article 1, “The Parties undertake…­to settle any internatio­nal dispute in which they may be involved by peaceful means in such a manner that internatio­nal peace and security and justice are not endangered­….” – and, more generally, it has no legitimate basis for acting as ‘world government­” and is thus acting ultra vires.1

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John Baird To Meet Libya Rebels In Benghazi

'….. to build a country that respects human rights and democracy,­' Baird said.

Perhaps John simply turn the Prime Minister and give this speech.

Take care the back yard instead of dog-piling onto this loosing interventi­onist bank sponsored sham.
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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Climate Change, Greenhouse Gas Emissions And Canada: Do People Still Care?

How pompous it all is. Then, if the carbon tax rape of the colluding government and corporatio­ns wasn’t enough, they attempt to guilt me and or my children into believing we are each equally and personally responsibl­e for destroying the earth.

Sorry to break it to you. The earth will shake us off like a bad cold, regardless of what our corporate or personal environmen­tal policy is. To think it’s within your control.

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